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Our Story


6 Season Records is an electro house based Record Label which has been supporting the best musics since late 2020.

6 Season Records focuses in all festival genres of musics specially in Bigroom, Hardstyle, Psytrance, progressive house, Bass house, Brazillian Bass, Future House, Future Bounce, Future Rave & Tech House.

It all started when Safwan Islam planned to establish a Record Label in late of 2020. Yet the decicion was in pending because of the label's name. Safwan Islam came up with an idea "6 Season Records." Since then, 6 Season Records has been offering the best musics across multiple EDM genres & have been spinning this Record Label game.

6 Season Records started it's journey with it's exclusive Distributor [Merlin] FUGA Aggregation & [Merlin] Xelon Entertainment. Now, 6 Season Records is Powered by it's exclusive Distributors [Merlin] Symphonic Distribution, [Merlin] Revelator, The Orchard / Sony Music